Hire a Certified Lifeguard for Your Pool Party or Event!

At eLifeGuardOnDuty.com, we boast a fully insured staff of Red Cross certified lifeguards and instructors who offer a host of broad-based water safety, swimming, standard first aid/adult CPR programs and services to corporations, public and private organizations, schools, and individuals.

Whether you’re a parent planning a backyard pool party, a public pool manager or a water park supervisor needing temporary lifeguard services, eLifeGuardOnDuty.com will provide you with fully qualified lifeguards that are guaranteed to bring you peace of mind and maximum pool safety. All lifeguards are pre-screened, company trained, Red Cross certified and insured before they receive their first assignment. They arrive on the job on time and in uniform, and their performance is evaluated on a continuing basis to maintain the highest level service. To book your lifeguard, call us at 626-294-9084.

There is nothing more precious than a human life and especially a child’s life.

Why we do what we do

  • We do what we do because we care about saving lives.
  • There is nothing more precious than a human life and especially a child’s life.
  • Drowning is the 2nd leading cause of death in children aged 1-9 years old.
  • Drowning is the 3rd leading cause of death in children aged 10-17 years old.
  • 50% of these drownings occur in private pools.
  • This is unacceptable to us, especially when it is something so preventable.
  • To ensure the safety of the guests at your home or event location.
  • We are passionate about saving lives.
  • Please make the sensible decision and contact us today.

Who we are

  • eLifeGuardOnDuty.com was founded in 2008 by Caren "Diva" Sinclair, a nationally ranked, competitive diver, and by her mother and business partner, Isabelle Tate.
  • Diva was on the U.S. Olympic diving team and is a Red Cross certified swimming instructor coach.
  • WaterWaves.com is our parent company that specializes in providing private swimming lessons to persons at their home pool.
  • We also do one-on-one coaching for competitive swimmers and children’s educational program. Today, the educational program has been presented in well over 150 schools.
  • All our lifeguards are fully insured staff of Red Cross Certified instructors and trainers.

Lifeguard minimum qualifications

  • Red Cross Lifeguard certification
  • CPR/First Aid
  • Reliable & Background Checked
  • Passion for protecting the safety of swimmers
  • Liability Insured through our company policy
  • Call us at 626-294-9084 to book a lifeguard

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